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One can still find 'travelers' on Ireland's roads
Irish Bits & Pieces

“The great Gaels of Ireland are the men that God made mad...” G.K.Chesterton

There is no simple way to define Ireland or the Irish.

Since we’re going to Ireland in late September, early October I’ve been trying to figure out a way of describing this island of two nations, two languages, two religions, much laughter, much music, much beauty, much sadness.  Alas, I can’t.

They love to fight is one of the too easy definitions of the Irish temperament. They hate the English is another; especially those in the South. Too easy and too wrong. There is no simple, or glib definition.

Today many English have summer homes in the Republic and many of the old Irish manor homes are still owned by various Lords and Ladies from across the Irish Sea. Some have been there  for a century or two.

So often we all fall into the trap of believing the excitements of the media who only want to report on the few truly evil ones who prefer the rule of the gun rather than the rule of law.

Ireland is a fascinating country. It had no Roman occupation, no enlightenment period in fact nothing that flowed through Britain and Europe. They were a warrior society, of Clans and minor kingdoms eventually turning to farming as a means of existence. And poor farming it was considering so much bog, or peat.

It is a convoluted, twisted history from the warring Irish Kings and Clans, to the Viking raiders who would establish virtually every Coastal town, to the Norman invasions who came at the request of an Irish King, and to the English and Scots who were given huge land grants at the expense of the Irish who lived there and right down to the recent Troubles.

Yet, despite all, the poetry, music and stories of the Irish continue to be sung and written.
Perhaps, apart from the incredible beauty of so much of this island, it is that ‘soul’ that been retained creating an Ireland that few would have expected such a short time ago.

Who would have foreseen a short time ago open borders (pray they remain so despite the stupidity of the Brexit politicians), to cities like Dublin and Belfast that are thriving with a growing modern day enterprise.

We’ll see much of this from the stunning Antrim Coast to the haunting beauty of the hills of the west.

Ireland is a never to be forgotten experience.

One of the bridge over the Liffey in Dublin
Sunset on the Giant's Causeway
No rushing - ever. No one night stands. And no added on tax! Maximum of 12-14 guests. Free time built in. Escorted by Andy & Bev Fraser who have been organizing and escorting their tours for 33 years! Quality and experience all the way.  That's why they're "Un"Tours.

One of the many Belfast murals from 'the troubles'
The Cliffs of Moher on the west coast
two thousand year old Celtic gold Dublin Museum
Celtic Christian Cross and round tower by Yeat's grave
Flower market Dublin