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Our journeys are as close as we can come to a good old fashioned no rushing, relaxed time with good companions. This is our 33rd year of doing it our way. Hope you can join us. Andy & Bev
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Our "UnTour Land Cruises" for only 12 - 14 guests:
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Newgrange and the burial chamber and Bru na Boinne, Ireland
The Mighty Conwy Castle, Wales
Some of our gang hard at work creating something in the Slate Museum
No rushing - ever. No one night stands. And no added on tax! Maximum of 12-14 guests. Free time built in. Escorted by Andy & Bev Fraser who have been organizing and escorting their tours for 34years! Quality and experience all the way.  That's why they're "Un"Tours.

Molly Malone in all her splendour - in Dublin
The smallest house in Wales - and in the UK