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Brexit thoughts and EU benefits

Here we are, February 2 as I write this, (02-02-2020) two days after Brexit. If you want to know where we stand on the issue, let me just say that on Brexit day I wore a T-shirt with the Scottish Lion Rampant on it along with a partial quote of the Scottish 1320 Declaration of Arbroath: “For as long as but a hundred of us remain alive, never will we on any conditions be brought under English rule...”.

So there!

Actually, the story of the Declaration of Arbroath is quite fascinating but we’ll save that for another day.

And in other news...

We, along with our friends at European Incoming, have been doing our heads in finalizing what we consider to be possibly the best tour we have ever put together. It has a little bit of everything and it should all be in place and out to you this first week of February.

Apologies for being slow with it. Trying to get the right hotels and events in the right order – and the right price – is always a great pain, but this one has been a right royal pain in the backside. And at the forefront of it all, the locations we use have to understand what we want for you, the customers. Trying to convince some of these wizards that 10 to 12 people is not a huge ‘bed ‘em, board ‘em and boot ‘em out’ mob is a bit like banging your head against a wall, however, we are just about there and will hopefully have information for you inside a week.

Before Britain walked out...

Once upon a long time ago, before Britain had joined the EU, there were border controls between the two Irelands, complete with armed British Infantry lurking about. Not only at the border but in the towns and cities, behind hedges, trees and flying about in helicopters. Let’s hope that never returns. It is a major concern.

No keys in the border doors...

For us, and our groups, it was always a great novelty flitting about Europe. For example, there is a main road between Luxembourg and Belgium, one side in Luxembourg, the other side in Belgium. On the Belgium side there is a long stretch containing petrol stations. But none on the Luxembourg side because their petrol prices are ridiculously high. Those stations are exceptionally busy with Luxembourg vehicles filling up at the beginning and end of the week.

Traveling from country to country you might see a small roadside sign telling you that you are entering The Netherlands, France, Spain, etc. For those of us who get the evil eye crossing into either Canada or the US it is a refreshing novelty to zip through Europe unburdened by ‘security’.

And no European wars...

No sign anywhere of the centuries old animosity and bloodshed between the Germans, the Austrians, The French, Belgiuns and all the other former ‘belligerents’. Same with the Balkan countries. Free passage and trade today between the Serbs, the Croats, Albanians, Montenegrins, Bosnians, Slovaks, and Macedonians.

That alone is enough reason for the EU to exist and enough reason to fear the anti-immigrant movement and plain racism gaining strength everywhere.

Pulling away from different people and places and adopting the “I can do it alone” attitude flies in the face of logic, of common sense and of John Donne’s “No Man is an Island” poem of 1624. (Google it up if you want to hear a voice from the past speaking to us about today.)

OK, enough of our personal feelings. Time to get off the soap box.

Hope to be back to you later this week.